What is the best day to interview?


If you’re asking this question, you’re not focused on the right thing with your job search. If you are Googling advice for what the best day to interview is or find yourself over-analyzing what’s the best day to interview, you’re not focused on the right ingredients for a successful interview. These are 3 qualities of […]

Best online courses guide

Online course and e-learning is one of the best ways you can gain personal development or professional development skills.  Our online courses guide sets out to identify the best online course programs, why programs are better than others and which ones fit for you. Each of these online course companies and e-learning platforms has different […]

Data Science and Food Scientists

food scientists taking data science courses and extracting data in computer more effectively in food industry

Introduction One of the questions I’m commonly asked by Food Science professionals is whether or not I think they should take continuing education courses to help their career prospects. The answer is always yes. That’s the easy part. The important question is not “should I” take continuing education courses” – the more pertinent question is […]